Express Surveys audience builder feasibility calculator:

Each time you update your number of respondents or change your targeting criteria, our automated feasibility algorithm estimates your survey’s completion date.

You’ll notice that easy to reach audiences tend to have a date within the next day (although many times the surveys will complete within hours), while harder to reach audiences or large audiences will take longer.

  • Estimated completion dates within 1 or 2 days are green.
  • This is an easy to find audience with plenty of respondents that fit the targeted profile. These surveys almost always finish before their targeted dates – sometimes within minutes!
  • Estimated completion dates within 3 or 4 days appear orange.
  • These audiences are a little harder to find – note that feasibility may shift by a day or two depending on when the calculation is done
  • Estimated completion dates of 5 days are red.
  • These audiences are harder to find due to limited respondents. Note that the actual completion may be a little longer than the estimated completion date and/or these audiences may become not feasible if they are in high demand by other customers.

If survey completion within 5 days is not feasible, you’ll receive a message directing you to contact our Client Success team.

At this point, you'll have several options.

  • Reduce the number of respondents – if you have more time, you can always add on more later using the Add More Respondents button while the survey is fielding, or up to 5 days after completion.

  • Reduce some of the targeting criteria restrictions – the more targeting criteria you add, the harder it is to find respondents in a timely manner.

  • Contact Client Success for other options.

Kantar has access to multiple niche audiences, but these studies can take longer to run or require access to different panels than those made available through Express Surveys. Our team can help you price out a managed ad-hoc survey that can be programmed and launched to the audience of your choice through Kantar’s traditional market research tools.