Express Surveys audience builder feasibility calculator:

Each time you update your number of respondents or change targeting criteria, our feasibility calculator runs in order to find your estimated completion date.

You’ll notice that easy-to-reach audiences tend to have a date within the next day (although many times the surveys will finish within hours), but harder-to-reach or large audiences will take longer.

If survey completion isn’t estimated to be feasible within 5 days, you’ll receive a message directing you to contact our customer success team.

At this point, you can:

  • Reduce the number of respondents – if you have more time
    available, you can add on more respondents while the survey is fielding or up to 5 days after completion by using the Add More Respondents button.

  • Reduce the quantity of targeting criteria – the more targeting
    criteria you add, the harder it is to find respondents quickly

  • Contact our Client Success team for other options

If you are trying to reach a highly niche audience that may take too long using Express Surveys, Kantar can still help. In that case, our team can work with you to set up a managed ad-hoc survey, programmed and launched to your chosen audience.