Express Survey GBP pricing

Pricing is straightforward and based on three factors:

  1. The market you want to survey.
  2. The number respondents you choose.
  3. Then length of your survey.

There are no licensing fees and we do not charge extra for any of the targeting options offered.

When you initially come into the audience builder, your price will be estimated on a 5-minute survey.  You'll see the cost go up or down once you've written your survey questions.

Payment options

Payment options include:

  • Pay as you go:  Get invoiced on a monthly basis for completed surveys.  This is a great option to try out the system or for occasional use.
  • Purchase credits up front: This is a great idea for teams that share a budget and need to cap spend on the platform. Credits are 1:1 with pounds and packages are available that include free credits for larger volume purchases.

To get your payment method set up contact your customer rep or click to email our Kantar Marketplace Support Team.