We all deserve a day off occasionally, and everyone should have a backup resource who is able to take over in a pinch.  With Kantar’s Express Surveys, you can easily and quickly share your work with teammates across your team as needed – whether you’re taking a day off or sharing the work for other reasons.

Survey sharing is also a great way to establish standards by creating reusable template-surveys that can be shared with your team. When needed, the template survey can be duplicated and updated to meet the immediate needs of your market research project.  

To share your work with teammates, visit the menu next to the project number at the top of the workflow-page along with the “Delete” and “Duplicate” options.

Clicking on the “Share” option will present you with a pop-up displaying the list of your co-workers.

Here, you can select the teammates with whom you want to share your work by browsing for their names. Or, you can search to quickly limit the list and select from the matching names & email-addresses.

After you’ve selected your teammates, click the “Send Invite” button. Your teammates will receive an email invitation letting them know that they have access to a new survey.

You can access this share menu at any stage of the survey-development process. And, as the survey owner, you can add-to or revoke sharing permissions at any time.

Teammates who have shared-access to your surveys have 


to make changes to the survey.

We understand how hard you work and how valuable your time is. As such, we make every effort to protect your work as you create, edit, and launch your survey. In fact, if a teammate attempts to access/edit a shared survey while someone else is making edits, they will receive a warning that the survey is currently locked.

The survey will remain locked until the teammate who is editing the survey (Karen C in the above image) logs out or accesses another survey.