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This e-learning bite was developed for self-serve users and will help you get the most out of the Kantar Marketplace Concept eValuate solution. The objective is to show you how to operate the tool and how to interpret the results. In total, it will take you approximately 30 minutes. 

How to use Concept eValuate will be explained to you in four chapters:

  • 'The power of Concept eValuate' focuses on the best uses for this tool 
  • 'How it works?' gives you the ins and outs on how the tool works
  • 'What you will get?' is about reading and interpreting the research output
  • 'Ready to go!' concludes the e-learning bite with some concrete tips and tricks

Once you have 'passed' the course you will have a better understanding of how to start and analyze your project.  If you still need help, contact the support team at