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Kantar Marketplace encompasses a broad range of solutions across the following categories:

  • Ad testing and development
    • Link AI (AI-powered digital & TV ad testing)
    • Link Express (Digital, TV, print & outdoor ad testing with diagnostics)
    • Link Now (Digital, TV, print & outdoorad testing)
  • Brand insights
    • Ad Now (Creative mix optimisation)
    • Brand Equity Evaluation (Brand equity measurement)
  • Innovation and product development
    • Idea eValuate (Idea screening)
    • Concept eValuate (Concept testing) 
    • Pack eValuate (Package design screening and testing)
  • Media planning and effectiveness
    • Context Lab (Digital Media optimisation) 

To understand which specific solutions are available in your market, visit the solution index page on the Kantar Marketplace website.