Proven solutions, game-changing tech

Kantar Marketplace encompasses a broad range of solutions across the following categories:

  • Ad testing and development
    • Ad Testing
      • Powerful, fast and flexible solutions for digital, TV and static ads.
      • Evaluate and optimise your creative with LINK+
    • AI-Powered Ad Testing
      • Test your own or competitor digital and TV ads with LINK AI

  • Innovation and product development
    • Idea screening
      • Quickly shortlist and develop high-potential ideas with IdeaEvaluate
    • Concept testing
      • Identify and optimise your highest potential innovation concepts with ConceptEvaluate
    • Package design screening and testing
      • Accelerate your packaging development journey with PackEvaluate

  • Media planning and effectiveness
    • Digital Media optimisation
      • Boost digital ad performance across media placements with Context Lab

  • Brand insights
    • Brand Tracking
      • The next evolution of brand tracking technology - empower your daily marketing decisions with BrandDynamics
    • Brand equity measurement
      • Unlock brand growth opportunities, affordably and at speed with BrandEvaluator 
    • Brand equity snapshot
      • Discover your top brand equity indicators in seconds with BrandSnapshot powered by BrandZ. 
    • Creative mix optimisation
      • Make faster, smarter in-market campaign decisions with BrandCampaign

To understand which specific solutions are available in your market, visit the solution index page on the Kantar Marketplace website.