Proven solutions, game-changing tech.

Kantar Marketplace encompasses a broad range of solutions across the following categories:

  • Ad testing and development
    • Ad Testing
      • Powerful, fast and flexible solutions for digital, TV and static ads.
      • Evaluate and optimise your creative with LINK+.
    • AI-Powered Ad Testing
      • Test your own or competitor digital and TV ads with Link AI.

  • Innovation and product development
    • Idea screening
      • Quickly shortlist and develop high-potential ideas with Idea eValuate.
    • Concept testing
      • Identify and optimise your highest potential innovation concepts with Concept eValuate.
    • Package design screening and testing
      • Accelerate your packaging development journey with Pack eValuate.

  • Media planning and effectiveness
    • Digital Media optimisation
      • Boost digital ad performance across media placements with Context Lab.

  • Brand insights
    • Brand Tracking
      • The next evolution of brand tracking technology - empower your daily marketing decisions with BrandNow.
    • Brand equity measurement
      • Unlock brand growth opportunities, affordably and at speed with Brand Equity Evaluation
    • Brand equity snapshot
      • Discover your top brand equity indicators in seconds with BrandSnapshot powered by BrandZ. 
    • Creative mix optimisation
      • Make fast investment decisions by measuring in market creative performance with Ad Now.

To understand which specific solutions are available in your market, visit the solution index page on the Kantar Marketplace website.