Who accounts for category sales and what is the media type?

When deciding on your target sample for ad testing, you should consider two things:

Who accounts for 70%* sales in your category?
What is the media target?

This will allow you to aim for a sample that will give the most accurate view of how well the content will create short and long-term predisposition to your brand. 

In order to get results that are representative, it is recommended to aim for an overlap between the two.

Don't forget:

  • Try to avoid complex samples with a low incidence rate**. The harder the sample is to find, the longer the interviewing will take and the more likely additional costs will be incurred.
  • Limit demographic quotas to age & gender only, with a maximum of 3 age bands.
  • For self-serve, interlocking quotas are not supported.

*The % of the population that will qualify for your survey taking into account what the panel can target.

**There is a minimum incidence rate for our self-serve solutions, which is 30%. If you require a sample that falls outside of this, it could still be feasible through our serviced offer, instead of self-serve.