Videos must use the MP4 container and be encoded using h264.

  • Ideally the file size will be 100MB or under
    • Min: 0.1MB
    • Max: 30MB
  • Ad length must be between 5 seconds and 300 seconds (5 minutes)
  • Visuals and sound must not be distorted
  • Ad should be in 16:9 aspect ratio


1 - 1.5 Mbps


30 fps

Frame size

1280x720 px

Audio bitrate

128 kbps

Static images must be in the JPEG, GIF or PNG formats and cannot be larger than 999 x 999 pixels. Please note, these guidelines apply to all static images, including logos.

Digital video and static files must follow the above formats, although video must be shorter than 105 seconds.

Important Note: Make sure your file size is proportionate to ad length. For mobile videos, 1MB per 30s of video is recommended. Large file sizes may impact respondent experience and drop-out rates.