250,000+ ads for Category Norm Comparison

As part of Kantar's world-leading Link creative testing suite, our ad testing solutions are supported by an unrivaled database of over 250,000 ads which form our norms used for comparing and evaluating your test results. The methodology we use in our solutions is validated to predict sales and help build your brand.


Where there are enough cases, you can choose to compare your results to secondary norms, such as your category norms or ad type norms (e.g. Facebook, OOH), in the automated downloads from the results dashboard.


All results are compared against the most relevant set of ads in our database, taking into account the media consumption behavior of your target audience, competitive environment, as well as the latest findings in how people interact with advertising.


Storyboard tests results are compared against results for other storyboards in the given market, unless the subset of storyboard results is too small in that market. In that case, our dashboard will use the TV norms in the corresponding market as a proxy and an indicative benchmark for your storyboard test results.