Request a new sample at the touch of a button

You can request a new sample for your self-serve project in multiple ways.

  1. Have an existing Kantar contact? Discuss your sample requirements with them, and they will organise setup for you. Before you know it, these new samples will be available for you to choose when you set up your self-serve survey.
  2. Already logged in to the platform and ready to go? You may click on 'request sample' in the first set up screen and let us know via the form the sample that you require. After you submit a request, Kantar Marketplace Support will reach out to you directly to define your sample requirements and set these up for use. 


What kind of sample do I need? 

  • For all ad testing solutions, we recommend a sample covering the overlap between the group representing 70% of sales in your category and the media target for your content.  
  • For ConceptEvaluate, we recommend that you talk to category buyers.  The exception is if you're trying to attract consumers who don't already buy into the category; non-rejectors would be the recommendation.