What is Link AI? 

Link AI is a state-of-the-art, perpetually trained platform that reliably predicts an ad’s in-market success all in under 15 minutes without a consumer sample. It is built on the Link database, from 220k+ tests, 10+ years of data, and 30MM+ human interactions. 

Link AI decomposes each ad into a sequence of frames and further breaks down the content into pictures, audio, speech, objects, colours, text on screen and other attributes. 

The machine extracts up to 20,000 features from the video file using AI video processors, inputs them into machine-learning models trained in the Link database, and finally predicts the ad’s score on creative effectiveness metrics. 


Scores included in Link AI predictions are: Power, Short Term Sales Likelihood, Impact, Branding, and Enjoyment, as shown below 




To learn more about the Analyser module, an incremental offering to Link AI, please see the article here.