Add diagnostic power to understand ad performance and how to improve

What is the Analyser module? 

The Analyser Module for LINK AI extends the application of Artificial Intelligence for creative guidance and, adds diagnostic power to help understand why an ad performs and how to improve. 

What features do you get with the Analyser module? 

Additional KPIs: Additional metrics are available on the Analyzer module to help diagnose ad performance. These incremental KPIs are: Awareness Index, Appealing, Brand Difference, Persuasion, Affinity, Relevant, Understanding, Meaningful, Different, and Involvement. 


KPI Trace Lines: Trace lines are the machine’s second-by-second prediction for each KPI based on each scenes scores so that the user can diagnose which scenes impact the KPI the most.  We don't see value in looking at traces in isolated seconds, instead, what we like to point out to clients is the pattern of trend lines – as every trace will have peaks and valleys.  Are they going in the right direction? 

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Emotion Snapshot: The Emotion snapshot is the predicted likelihood of an ad to trigger emotions and facial responses, to understand whether the ad drives any emotional reaction among audiences. The emotions we use are scientific terms. But the snapshot is just that – it tells us whether or not the ad is likely to create a positive emotional response (the right side of the chart) or a negative emotional response (the left side of the chart).  We generally see positive results, although many ads that have an element of surprise in them tend to drive higher levels of engagement.   

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The Emotion Snapshot is available in these countries:  

Argentina Ecuador Korea United Kingdom 
Australia Egypt Malaysia USA - English 
Bangladesh France Mexico USA - Hispanic 
Belgium Germany Netherlands Vietnam 
Brazil (CAWI Only) Hungary New Zealand 
Canada - English Speaking India - East Nigeria 
Canada - French Speaking India - Mumbai Pakistan 
Chile India - North Peru 
China - Beijing India - Rest of South Philippines 
China - Secondary Cities Central and West India - Rest of West Poland 
China - Secondary Cities East India - Rural Romania 
China - Secondary Cities North India - Tamil Nadu South Africa - LSMA (7-10) 
China - Secondary Cities South and Guangzhou Indonesia South Africa - LSMB (5-6) 
China - Shanghai Ireland Spain 
Colombia Italy Thailand Not Pre-Recruited Sample 
Czech Republic Japan Turkey 


Please reach out to your local Kantar client representative if you still have questions on the Analyser Module or Link AI.