Share self-serve results with colleagues in a few simple clicks

With Kantar Marketplace, you can easily and quickly share your completed self-serve project work with colleagues across your team as needed – whether you’re taking a day off or sharing the work for other reasons.

Important note: Before you share your project, please ensure you have unlocked the study so your colleagues are able to see the results.

To share your completed self-serve projects, visit your Projects page and click the "share" icon within the project tile. The "share" icon will only appear once a project has been completed.


Clicking on the “Share” icon will present you with a pop-up displaying the list of your co-workers with access to Kantar Marketplace.

Here, you can select the existing co-workers with whom you want to share your work by browsing for their names. Or, you can search to quickly limit the list and select from the matching names & email-addresses.

You will only see colleagues listed who have an existing Kantar Marketplace account. If you would like to share with a colleague who does not have an existing Kantar Marketplace account, please add their email address in the "Not listed? Invite them by email..." box to commence the new user setup process. 

After you’ve selected your co-worker/s or entered a new email address to setup with access to Kantar Marketplace, click the “Send Invite” button. Your co-worker/s will receive an email invitation letting them know that they have access to a project and the Support team will receive an alert if you have requested to invite a new user to join Kantar Marketplace.

You can access this share feature once the project is completed. And, as the project owner, you can add-to or revoke sharing permissions at any time.

Teammates who have shared-access to your projects have 


to view the project results.