Upload a maximum of 20 ads

- Each ad can be a maximum of 100mb

For each video, please prepare the following:

- brand name

- brand category

- campaign start date

- market and language

- target audience, gender and age range

- payment method (credits or invoice). Contact Kantar Marketplace Support in advance to purchase credits.

To see more metrics and deeper diagnostics of your ad including trace lines and emotion

snapshot, you can turn on the Analyser Module

You can test ads for multiple reasons:

- Market testing – test the success of your ad in different markets

- Competitive intelligence – compare your ads against your competitors

- Meta analysis – identify and act on the patterns across your campaigns

- Real-time optimisation – test different attributes of your ad to determine the best outcome

- Secure testing – test confidential ads

Results are available in as few as 15 minutes

Download your copy of the checklist below.