Upload a maximum of 20 ads

- Each ad can be a maximum of 100mb

- You can upload digital ads to test for Facebook, YouTube, YouTube skippable, TikTok (USA, UK, Australia only), Twitter, Snapchat, Programmatic and Weibo

For each video, please prepare the following:

- brand name

- brand category

- campaign start date

- market and language

- target audience, gender, and age range

- payment method (credits or invoice). Contact Kantar Marketplace Support in advance to purchase credits.

Specifically for TikTok, please prepare the following:

- number of account followers

- number of account likes

- number of account videos

You can test ads for multiple reasons:

- Market testing – test the success of your ad in different markets

- Competitive intelligence – compare your ads against your competitors

- Meta analysis – identify and act on the patterns across your campaigns

- Real-time optimisation– test different attributes of your ad to determine the best outcome

- Secure testing – test confidential ads

Results are available in as few as 15 minutes

Download your copy of the checklist below.