Duplicate an existing project for quick setup

If you are launching multiple projects using the same (or similar) inputs, you don't need to setup a new project every time!

Instead of setting up a new study from scratch, use our "duplicate" feature instead. This feature is available for Link+ self-serve and ConceptEvaluate solutions. 

By duplicating an existing 'Saved for later' or 'Completed' project, you will create a copy of all of the inputs (including any ads or concepts you have uploaded). Once duplicated, you can continue setup and edit any inputs as you usually would; including replacing your uploaded ad or concept with the newest version you wish to test. 

Duplicating a project can be done in a few easy steps:

1. Login to the Kantar Marketplace platform.

2. Click on the 'projects' menu at the top left of the screen and select 'All projects'.

3. You will be taken to a list of your projects - be careful of filters which might restrict you from viewing projects from more than 30 days ago (click on the filter to change the timeline as required).

4. Scroll down the list of projects until you locate the project you wish to duplicate.

5. Click the kebab (3 vertical dot) menu on the right side of the project box.

6. Select the 'duplicate' option from the kebab menu.

 7. A pop-up will be displayed, asking you to confirm you would like to go ahead with duplicating. Select "Yes" to proceed.

8. Once confirmed, the project will be duplicated and appear in your list of projects. From here, you may select 'continue setup' to edit inputs as required.