In order to launch a Link Now ad test, you will need the following information:

  1. A purchase order/reference – If you plan on running multiple ad tests, you may find it easier to raise a purchase order in order to simplify the fulfillment process. If you do not use purchase orders, then we recommend providing a reference that we can use when we bill you

  2. Your target sample/audience - if you're not using a general population sample (or a sample you or your Kantar team have previously set up) you will need to contact us to request your sample

  3. Up to three messages that the ad is trying to convey to the audience, guidelines below:
    • You should enter them in priority order
    • Keep in mind that they start with the brand name
      BRAND ….
    • They should be about the brand i.e. what the ad communicates about the brand
    • The statement should be simple
    • Use language which a consumer will easily understand
    • Make sure that it is NOT a direct quote from the ad
    • Ensure that it is a single-minded statement, ie doesn’t contain two messages, you won’t know which they’re responding to

  4.  The media that you would like to test, in the correct format

  5. Your media type, relevant to static only
    • Media type, choose from:
      • Poster/billboard
      • Magazine
      • Newspaper/magazine
      • Newspaper
      • Point of sale material

  6. Your media type, relevant to digital only

    • Whether you want to test in-context (Facebook/YouTube) or out of context (video/display ads)
      • If Facebook in-context:
        • URL for brands Facebook page
        • The text that will appear in the post or next to display ad
        • Brand logo
      • If YouTube in-context:
        • Video name
        • Channel name
    • Whether to test on mobile or desktop (please be aware that there won’t be norms for mobile everywhere, contact Kantar for more information) 
    • Attributes featured in the ad