Get ready to evaluate and optimise your creative

In order to launch our self-serve ad testing solution, you will need the following information:

Purchase Order/reference
If you plan on running multiple ad tests, you may find it easier to raise a purchase order in order to simplify the fulfillment process. If you do not use purchase orders, then we recommend providing a reference that we can use when we bill you. Alternatively, you may type in 'None' or 'N/A'. 
Target sample/audience
If you're not using a general population sample (or a sample you or your Kantar team have previously set up) you will need to contact us to request your sample, prior to launching your project.
Up to three key messages that each ad is trying to convey to the audience

Each message should be about the brand i.e. what the ad communicates about the brand and a simple statement/s. Use language which a consumer will easily understand and ensure that it is NOT a direct quote from the ad. Be careful to only include single-minded statement/s, i.e do not add statements which contain two messages, as you won’t know which one the consumers are responding to.

Media file/s to test
The media that you would like to test should be in the correct format.
Your media type, relevant to static only

Media type, choose from:
  • Poster/billboard
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper/magazine
  • Newspaper
  • Point of sale material
Your media type, relevant to digital only
Whether you want to test in-context (within social media pages) or out of context (video/display ads)
  • If Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/TikTok in-context: 
    • The text that will appear in the post or next to display ad
    • Brand logo
  • If YouTube in-context:
    • Video name (self-serve only)
    • Channel name (self-serve only)

No additional inputs needed for 

  • If Tik Tok brand take over in-context
  • If Youku in-context (China only)
Device type - test on mobile or desktoprelevant to digital only (other ad types are tested on a 
mix of devices)
Norms may not be available or equally robust everywhere, you may contact us for more information. 

Attributes featured in the ad

Take a note of who is shown in the ads - for example, adults, children, brand logo, celebrities.