The results will be shared on an online dashboard.

The standard outputs from IdeaEvaluate can be classified into 2 parts:

  1. Idea Hierarchy and incrementality
    • Idea Score - Which idea does better in the crowd.
    • Idea Map - 2X2 map of total vs. fast endorsement.
    • Idea Incrementality - which combination of ideas will appeal to maximum number of people (optional module).
  2. Idea Diagnostics
    • Idea Review - 5-star review and feedback of the idea.
    • Idea Impact – Seen/Heard, Usability of the idea and Brand fit.
    • Idea profile - demographic profile of people who have like/endorsed the idea.
    • Idea Perception – Image perception of the idea using Imagery Analysis (optional module).
    • Emotive Ideascape – type of people will use this idea using NeedScope® module (optional module).